Stolen Warrior

Remi's Story
Remi’s Story

She was a slave who defeated a kingdom.

Remi was not born to the Dome, but taken from her home planet Xiau to be marked for death. She should never have survived a full moon cycle. But she was chosen by the gods and so was marked by destiny. Her wrists bound and her freedom taken away, she won the stadium crowds and the love of a nation.

She was a queen who did not truly rule.

Phera Lithe held the reins to Cydria and fell at the feet of Drake, her dark and brooding Co-Regent. She was a woman in the world of men as cold as she was striking. But she too wished for a freedom only he could unlock.

He was a man filled with hatred.

Drake was consumed with revenge and his target was Lithe. But in her arms and in the stands of the stadium he learned to love and all was not as it seemed.

He was a man who had lost everything.

But with one look at Remi Dirk’s dreams resurfaced and he would stop at nothing to make her his and safe for all time.

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