Coporate Hitman Series

Welcome to the world of the Corporate Hitman Series

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Liam Gallagher is a genius.  From a small town outside of Chicago, he didn’t grow up being understood. Most people around him couldn’t see things the way he did, or appreciate them like he could. So he turned to computers. With them he didn’t have to navigate emotions, and didn’t have to struggle to be accepted. No, with them he was the master, and their domain his playground. As Zero-D00m he was the best hacker the world had ever known.

Until he got pinched. And then his world turned upside down. Never truly understanding how he got caught in the first place, and realizing that his only out was a life a crime, he grasped it with both hands. Now he’s just got to get out, the way only a bad boy can.

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Inzio Vikhrov never really knew what living right was. Why? His entire family lived on the wrong side of the law. They always had. His mother was the only one who could soothe his wounded spirit and stop his swinging fists. She could calm the anger and help him keep it at bay. For a time, that was enough.

Until his family betrayed him and he found out that anger could help him survive. He learned that his mind for numbers could make him rich, and the deal to get him out of jail could give him a chance at freedom. When he met Glitch and Jack he could have a family who worked by their own code, and stuck to it. No one is going to hurt them. No one. And when they get out, they’re going to make sure no one comes looking for them either

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Victor Kyang could have been a CEO, a doctor, or a lawyer. He had such a promising future as a straight-A student, well-rounded adult, and loving child. He was the epitome of excellence to his immigrant parents. They’d come from Korea to give their children a better chance.  With Victor, it seemed, they were succeeding.

Until they were murdered, and he came home only to find their bodies. Victor died that day. All of his promise and softness shattered, and Jack was born. Taken in by one of the most deadly Asian gangs in the world, he was taught to fight, stalk, and kill with deadly accuracy–all to one day avenge his family. But sometimes when you stare into the abyss so long you get lost in it. Scratch and Glitch are the only lights he can find, and he’s determined to protect his family, by any means necessary.

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