Avarice Touched

“If you forget all else, remember this: I am what they made me.” 

Kavion e’ Avarice dreams of power. And as a Mage beloved by the Mad King of the Gods, she just might get her wish. But in the realm of the Closing Fist, intrigue and influence are just as mighty as magickal strength, and Kavion will have to learn just how much she is willing to sacrifice in the name of desire. 

Casia, Bastard-Born Princess of the Blood, wasn’t meant to do more than rule a small territory and live her life as far away from her cruel father as possible. And then he tore from her the one person who mattered most. Battered, betrayed, and determined, Casia will have to choose: keep her safe, quiet life or enter the game. 

Together, these two women would be unstoppable. Which is why they must never be allowed to join forces. 

Let the Fist tremble, for all evil shall be un-sown

AvariceTouchedCoverDesignWritten by Marvel’s Agent Carter: Season One Declassified author Sarah Rodriguez and International bestselling author LeTeisha Newton, Avarice Touched is a study in the human spirit, staying true to oneself, and perseverance through your darkest hour.

“We wanted to create a story that reflected the world around us while diving in to the world of fantasy we loved so much,” LeTeisha said of the project. The idea behind Avarice Touched was to design a diverse set of characters and landscapes in a genre that has been primarily dominated by white males.

“We hoped to create a world in which we would feel at home, and a world in which a wide variety of readers could find themselves,” Sarah added.

LeTeisha and Sarah decided to create Altvaria from scratch. They considered the lay of the land, social classes and political interactions. Before the first word was written, there were races, lands, capitals and agendas on all sides. Altvaria is full of the magical and mundane, from Magi to Warriors, Beastmasters who fly on dragons to wolves that walk on two and four legs. There are the Fallen, who gave Man magick, and the Seraphim, angels, that wish it could be taken back. All is not well in the land. A corruption is growing, spreading. But from whence did it come?

An in-depth look at Altvaria, the world of Avarice Touched

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