Assassin’s Call

Rye Romasis is going to kill whoever was trying to snuff her…after she killed her Guild leader first!

Why? Because Rye has tasted betrayal before and she won’t stand for it again. Set in present day North Michigan where the immortal world is barely hidden from view, Rye is trying to survive. After surviving her own father’s defection, tossing her into the hands of a cold and ruthless Lupine who punished her for a century for not being his mate, she was stronger, and bitter. The corporate woman turned Lupine, an immortal who could run with the wolf as well as with the Humans, rose to the ranks of elite assassin within the Guild, and someone wanted her dead for it. She just couldn’t shake the hurt and anger that the man she was half in love with, her Guild leader Serrek, could possibly be the one.

Serrek had enough to deal with. As Guild leader he had to watch over the many immortals that lived among the humans, answering the Avalon, the meddling elders of the immortals, all the while. Having now to deal with an edict from Avalon to take the one woman to mate that he knew wouldn’t take it lying down was not what he wanted to face. As a shadow began attacking his Guild members one by one, he couldn’t help but to feel that Avalon knew more than what they were telling him and taking Rye as mate was going to be biting off more than he could chew.

Rye and Serek's Story
Rye and Serek’s Story


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