Immortal Need

Ayah and Sevani's Story
Ayah and Sevani’s Story

Sevani, a Watcher for the goddess Freya, is a tortured man who killed his wife in a jealous rage and doesn’t believe in love, tasked to kill Ayah Miller. Sevani can’t do it, especially since Ayah’s carrying his dead wife’s soul.

Ayah wants nothing more than rest after burying her father, until an immortal appears in her bedroom and tells her someone is trying to kill her. “Sleep” is the last thing she wants. Ayah doesn’t think Sevani wants her as much as his former wife. They must defeat a goddess if their love is to survive–or die trying.

WARNING: This books contains a sexy immortal bent on keeping his woman by his side, and a human that will show him why she’s meant to be envied by all.


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