What’s Coming Out!

Here is where you can keep an eye on the new books I have coming out! I can’t wait to share them with you.


Whispers In the Dark


Every action equals another…

My captor should have thought of that. Now I’m the predator. Learning men’s secrets. Saving them from their fears, because I am much worse than anything they could imagine.

Until HIM.

He accepted my punishments. Pushed my limits. Made me face my fears. I hate him for it. I want to destroy him.

And I love him because he won’t let me.

We are two dark halves of hell, constantly fighting, always stalking. He understands the darkness in me because he was made in the same instant. We shouldn’t be together, but we are.

And the world will suffer for it.



A Secret Book!


I can’t give all the details just yet, but this baby is done, off to editing, and raring to go. I can’t WAIT to share it with you. And the cover….to die for 🙂 Stay tuned.



Book 2.5 of the Lost Series

I saw her when my face looked like ground meat.

She had one shoe, lost to the world, fragile, ad so fucking beautiful I couldn’t look away.

And then she asked me to take her home. To take away the pain.

It was dangerous to make such a request. Not knowing who I was. What I could do. But I took her home. Did what she asked. And fell in love with her. Fell in love with the broken girl who twisted me up inside. Taught me I was worth believing in. Showed me that I didn’t have to lose in the ring anymore, because she gave me the strength to fight harder.

And then I lost her…

I’ve got to get her back. Fight for her. Win. Take what’s mine, and keep her.