#MySexySaturday Phenomenal: Lost Series Book 2.5 Snippet from the #NaughtyNin9 and @MySexySaturday

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Hey all!

I was lucky enough to get involved with #MySexySaturday, and I thought, why not show you a bit about Phenomenal!

Phenomenal is coming out on August 15th, 2016, in the NOLA Naughty Nin9 Anthology, and I’m super excited. Did I mention it’s only 99 cents for a limited time??

NNN Cover Take 3 SmallIf you want to by, you can do so here:

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As a bit of a sneak peek, I’d love to share 7 paragraphs from the story, exclusive for #MySexySaturday!

Without further ado!


WARNING: The following is for 18+ readers only. Please be aware of that. 

He didn’t say anything as he pulled me into his home and shut the door behind me. The sound of the door locking was loud in the darkness. We were in a long hallway, I could at least make that out. His home smelled like harsh cleaner and air freshener, but I couldn’t think much about it when he pressed me into the wall near the door.

“Rough or easy,” he asked me. I gripped his shirt and yanked him to me in response. There were no more words as he ripped my dress from my body. I spared a moment to mourn my only article of clothing, but then he was pushing it away. When he lifted me off the floor, I wrapped my legs around his waist and our mouths came together hard. We both hissed. My from the ache to my jaw from the last punch I swallowed from Terry.  Aeryn from the cut on his lip maybe. But we didn’t stop.

I tasted blood in the kiss, the metallic tang not stopping me from enjoying his possession of my mouth. His hands roamed over my back to my bra clasp and snapped it quickly. He was rough as he pulled the straps from my arms before yanking it from between our trapped bodies. The bite of cold against my nipples made them stiffen against his chest. His tongue was moist and thick in my mouth, touching everywhere, tasting me as I lapped at the roof of his mouth. I moaned as his fingers twisted my nipples. The pain of my aching jaw made the pleasure of his lips gliding down over my neck that much sweeter. He bit at the slope of my breast as he fiddled with his pants.

Harsh breaths filled the air as I heard foil rip and then felt the heat of his cock against my inner thigh. He sucked my nipple into his mouth even as he ripped my underwear from my body. I didn’t think I was ready for his entrance, but I craved it. The pain, the twisted agony that would morph into white hot pleasure and burn away my thoughts. The memories of Terry rising above me, his body violating mine, his love turned into twisted anger. I wanted it all to go away under the onslaught of this man.

“So beautiful,” he said against my breast, but I couldn’t believe him. I was a pig, a fat disgusting whore who was good for nothing than a good lay. But if he wanted to believe I was precious, so be it.

“Fuck me,” I demanded.

He obliged. My God, he obliged, and it sizzled my nerve endings. His cock was thick and long as he slammed into my body. He grunted and I winced, swallowing my cry of pain. But it was so good. Perfect. So perfect. He set a punishing rhythm, slamming my back into his wall with each thrust. I gripped his hair, holding his head to my breast as he sucked and bit. The press of his fingers into my hips was exquisite.

I hope you like the sneak peek from Phenomenal! If you haven’t read Book 1 and 2, don’t worry. The Lost Series is a collection of standalone stories that can be read in any order.

One Hour Girl Cover 2 One Hour Girl, Lost Series Book 1:

I’ve got a particular type of poison…

He thinks I’m his forever girl, I saw it in his eyes. I wished I could have slapped the look off his face with the same jarring finality that I’d learned I didn’t mean shit.

I’m not a forever sort of girl.

I’m not even his for the night.

He’ll be lucky if I’m his for the next hour if he doesn’t pay me for it.

And then Royce Mattherson stormed my defenses. Took all the poison inside of me and pushed it out through my pores. He tasted the taint on my skin and still decided to love me. He terrifies me. Exhilarates me. Frustrates me.

And he always gets what he wants


WARNING: While this is not a dark romance, the characters’ past does contain triggers and the fallout that comes from that. Please me aware of that when you purchase this title.

Get it HERE (Link takes you to all major retailers that the book is listed on)

 ScSCARRED Cover Design 2Redoarred, Lost Series Book 2

They told me about Ethan.

He’s no good.

He only knew darkness.

He’s a killer.

But that’s exactly what I need.

Only a monster can turn me into one. I’ve bled and screamed. I’ve been the victim too long. The scars that are visible only conceal the more painful ones on the soul. If he could help me save myself and learn to fight again, then he can have whatever he wants from me. My body. My soul. My heart. Later, he’ll realize that I had the better end of the bargain.

WARNING: This is a dark romance. It contains violence, filthy words, dubious consent, and potential triggers for readers. Please be aware of that when purchasing this book. This story is about being careful what you ask for, because you’ll get exactly what you need, instead of what you want.

Get it HERE (Link takes you to all major retailers that the book is listed on)

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