#SinfulEatsandDrinks Playtime with #OneHourGirl and #kissedbyawarrior Round 2

Welcome to the second installment of #SinfulEatsandDrinks! Each Wednesday you will enjoy some delicious treats and drinks enjoyed from the books One Hour Girl by yours truly and Kissed by a Warrior, the fabulous new book from USA Today Bestselling Author Michelle Monkou! That’s right, my loves, we’re here for you and we want you to see a bunch about two new books coming out this month.

OHG 3D Render Jay Aheer BGOne Hour Girl

He thinks I’m his forever girl, I saw it in his eyes. I wished I could have slapped the look off his face and hit him with the same jarring finality I’d learned I didn’t mean shit.

I’m not a forever sort of girl.

I’m not even his for the night.

He’ll be lucky if I’m his for the next hour if he doesn’t pay me for it.

And then Royce Mattherson stormed my defenses. Took all the poison inside of me and pushed it out through my pores. He tasted the taint on my skin and still decided to love me. He terrifies me. Exhilarates me. Frustrates me.

And he always gets what he wants


Add it to your TBR Pile Now!

Let’s go with  Penfolds Ampoule, $170,000 a GLASS, with Coconut Curry and Jasmine Rice that is to DIE FOR! The recipe is included for your decadent pleasure (again, I don’t think I can spot you for the Penfolds. You’re on your own for that one!)


Kissedbyawarrior-customdesign-Jayaheer2015-3Drender (1)Kissed by a Warrior


Kissed By A Warrior is a romantic adventure set in post-modern Japan, where the criminal elements compete for the allegiance of a particular warrior, Kenzo Tenaka, because of his special gift.

Ken vows to protect his family and his true love, Nyah Reyes. But he must learn to navigate within the strict order of the clans or face the consequences of their displeasure.

As danger looms, Ken is forced to choose between duty or love. However, Nyah refuses to lose her warrior to ancient customs and clansmen’s whims.  Will they become a united front and face war or go their separate ways to maintain peace?


Dominican’s La Bandera dish (comfy food, most popular food selection)


This is a long recipe. So I’m thinking to just have a photo and then this blurb: Dominicans call their country’s staple dish La bandera. A meal that is served almost daily. The main ingredients include long grain rice, red, white or black beans or pigeon peas, with meat options like chicken, beef, pork or goat. Usually the meal is served with a variety of side dishes.



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