Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and the Amazing 2016 Coming


I would first like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

It’s been a crazy year for me, and I’ve been making  bunch of changes in preparation for the New Year. Let’s just say that I’m planning for 2016 to be a BIG year for me. So, in preparation for that, let’s do something new I’m going to enact this year.


2015 Year in Review and 2016 Schedule!

 So in 2015 I did quite a bit, can’t be upset about that.

ScratchNameSCRATCH, Corporate Hitman Vol 2 came out and was super excited after everyone’s reaction to GLITCH, Corporate Hitman Vol 1

BellasBeast-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-reansparent-3DrenderBella’s Beast, my first true foray into re-writing classic fairy tales in
more modern ways, with a bit of a paranormal twist was released with Evernight Publishing.

JackNameTeaserJACK, Corporate Hitman Vol 3, closing out the Corporate Hitman Trilogy, was available finally, and I was happy to see how everyone loved my Dark Romance.

executive-assistantThen I got join in with 11 other WONDERFUL ladies, in the Executive Assistant Anthology, from Evernight as well, and it was a blast. Can you say HAWT office romance people??

Next up was a thank you to the readers who just loved the Corporate Hitman Trilogy. Decided on a print edition just for everyone to enjoy.

SinsPleasure-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-transparent-3DrenderWow, then I began the #HappilyNeverHappened Series with Sin’s Pleasure, a paranormal romance menage (WHOOHOO!) that placed Cinderella as a strip joint owning Dominatrix who needed two very special men to fix what Prince Charming ruined!

Seer's Burden Cover Idea 1Next on the list was my Seer’s Burden, the STRANDs Book 1 Re-Release. It had originally been Murder by Ritual with the amazing Amira Press, but I did some editing and switching of the story a bit for the new release.

roses-thorns-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-transparent-3DrenderNext was #HappilyNeverHappened Book 2 Rose’s Thorns, where I took on Little Red Riding Hood, her reincarnated Big Bad Wolf and a meddling Fairy Godmother.

LN_ImmortalNeed_coverlgFinally, I had Immortal Need re-released with Loose-Id. Boy let me tell you, did that baby get a serious facelift!! I was super excited to see it given to the public once more in the better form.

BoundlessI also created my Boundless Beauties Street Teams and Lust Bites Newsletter for awesome romance deals and exclusive events with authors!

So, counting the re-releases and print editions, that was 9 different projects in 2015 alone. A busy year for me, but I needed to grow. As a writer, as a person, a mother, #sistah, so many things. And I have. I’m still growing, but I happy to announce that 2016 is going to be good.

That may mean that I won’t be posting until the New Year, and that’s okay. We all need time with our families and having nice breaks. But 2016 will start off with a bang!


One Hour Girl CollageStarting in January, I have the #OneHourGirl Teaser Tour, of which you are welcome to join, starting Jan 1st through the 30th.

Haven’t heard of One Hour Girl, The Lost Series Book 1, no worried. You can add it to you TBR Pile HERE, join the HeadTalker, or watch #OneHourGirl on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

One Hour Girl is set to release Feb 29th.

I am one of the many writers for the Letters To A Little Black Girl Anthology releasing in Feb as well.

Troubled HeroTroubled Heroes, along with USA Today Bestselling author Michelle Monkou will make an appearance throughout the month of Feb so stay tuned!

Scarred, The Lost Series Book 2, will be releasing in May.

Phenomenal, The Lost Series Book 2.5, will be releasing in August in the NOLA Naughty Nine Anthology with 8 other AMAZING authors.

And that’s just to start!

Oh, did I mention I’ll be Reader and Author Get Together Event in June? See you there.

Have a wonderful Holiday Break everyone and see you in the new year!


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