Letters to a Marine

This here. I written romance because I believe in love. I believe in the way it lifts us and helps us fly, though sometimes we crash and burn. But this girl, she’s taking a stand. A real life love story unfolding to get back her Marine. Fear can do ugly, terrible things. We can be lost when we don’t even realize. Her Marine, if you’re out there, somewhere, reading this: people wish for a love like this. Don’t let it go. Don’t let her go.

I’d like a real life happy ever after please.

Good luck and I wish you everything love can give!



Dear YOU,

We met in November of 2010, just a few weeks before you left for boot camp. From the very beginning our timing was always off, but what never falter were my feelings for you. In spite of the infidelity, the fights, the months of non-speaking at times, the one thing that always remained true were my feelings for you, despite what you may think.

 I was a girl who ran from my feelings because you were the man that made me feel too much from the very moment that we met. The first time I looked into your eyes, my heart skipped a beat like it was saying “Oh, there you are.” From then on, I knew, I just knew, that you would be important to me.

 We have had our share of arguments. Lord knows that we can fight. We’ve also had our times where we…

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