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Seer's Burden Cover Idea 1


Previously Published as Murder by Ritual, Seer’s Burden has been heavily edited.

My name is Eris Herrington, and I make my living through the pain and suffering of others.

Every item I touch tells me a story, shows me a painful end. But I get results, I solve crimes, and I get even. It’s enough for me. Humans don’t like my kind—STRANDs, created by humans through scientific experiments—but they’d hate to know how many other creatures came out publicly under our name. So we police our own to keep the boogeymen from getting free. I help keep humans safe, and you better thank me for it.

And then I was tricked into a case I wasn’t prepared to handle. Attached to a man who I couldn’t help but fall for…and everyone is a liar. I’m trapped, drawn, and seduced by his world and his words. I can’t stop from holding on to him. This case is tearing me up, and he’s my only safe harbor. But can I trust a man who can lie to the girl who sees everything?

I don’t know…

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