JACK – Releasing May 2015!

PristineJackJACK Coming in May 2015

It’s the final act. Who better to lead the way than the cleanup man?

Born Victor Kyang, JACK wasn’t always a walking talking lethal weapon. His past was ravaged by tragedy, leaving him filled with darkness and anger. Working for Pierce Eaglemohr gave him free reign to release the rage that festered inside of him. JACK used that anger to fine tune his deadly instincts. Until Eagle turned on him.

Now Eagle is the enemy, and JACK is on a singular mission to destroy.

Another complication arises when his latest target turns business personal. JACK recognizes a kindred spirit in pain when he meets Pristine, the victim of a Russian trafficking ring. Keeping her safe becomes as important to him as breathing, while he and the hitman crew continue to fight against Eagle’s plan to ruin them.
All of the pressure has taken a toll on his psyche. Combined with the quest for revenge, JACK is a ticking time bomb.

Don’t miss the explosive conclusion of the Corporate Hitman series.
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