JACK is Coming ~ Welcome to the Darker Side of Love


My name is JACK, and that’s all you need to know.

Before, a long time ago, I knew what it meant to love. To live. To be comfortable in the light. I knew what it meant to have a family and stand beside them.

And then I lost them all, tragically, and I was never the same man again.

I’ve hurt people, killed more. I’ve learned that I feel better with a gun in my hand than without one. When Eagle threatened the two men in my life that finally made me understand the word family again, I was happy I was the man I was. Because that monster can kill Eagle for them. That was the plan, the last thing to do after getting GLITCH and SCRATCH out safely.

Then SCRATCH asked me to do one final mission: save his sister , Pristine.

1280x720-Vc2She was…perfect. The Purple Princessa that knew just as much as I did about pain, survival, and the darkness in men’s hearts. Knew that the baser instincts of man was more animal than civilized, and she’d come out stronger.

I had to save her, not because she was a mission. No, not anymore. I had to save her because she needed my darkness, and I needed her light. She needed my danger, and I needed her safety.

And because she needed my control, and needed her submission…

I am a monster, but I am her monster. See our story, the final chapter in the Corporate Hitman Trilogy, coming soon.


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