Back in Action – An Author’s Comeback from Hiatus

I realized recently that I was more than tired of writing. I was EXHAUSTED…or at least I thought I was. I screamed, cried, wrote some more. Thought about walking away, and then thought about the fact that I just couldn’t quite give it up. the characters, you see, they scream at me. Shake their fists and holler, and a few even have sent a few bullets flying. In the end, it’s just was too much. The marketing, the writing, the designing. Hell, and I love designing. I just couldn’t…get it right.

And so I just stopped.

Outside of former agreements and the like, I just was done. Didn’t think about writing, barely sat at my computer. Fell out of the social media world, and everything. The break was the best thing that ever happened to me. I found that I missed it.I missed the sound of keys tapping and late night moments with a book. The times the words on the pages made me sigh, get warm all over, or made me laugh out loud. I missed making images and designing thins. I missed my book trailers, and talking to everyone. I just wanted it back.

It was then I learned something fundamental.

I wasn’t tired of writing, or the business of writing. No. I had exhausted myself because I didn’t just stop and focus on my craft because life was encroaching constantly. So the plunge was taken, the keys dusted off, and the mental ear plug pulled out of my head. I’m back, I’m happy, and I’m doing it in a way that I’ve never done before.

So I’d like to thank my readers for sticking with me, and asking about the next book. My friends for pushing me to do it. And my fellow writers who understood and let me yell at them just a bit. Thank you. Because it grounded me, changed me…And the rest of 2015 is on like Donkey Kong (yeah, I said it, HA!)


2 thoughts on “Back in Action – An Author’s Comeback from Hiatus

  1. Good for you. Sometimes we all need to take a break from everything and be selfish and take care of ourselves.

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