HUGE #GIVEAWAY for the Shifter Guide Forum – #Free Amazon Gift Card, Claimed Book Bundle, and Other Books!

LeTeisha Newton

Hello Readers,

I know, I know, I know, I’ve been coming with a lot of giveaways for April but, as I’ve said, it’s DH’s birthday, and I told him that month would be all about giving.

This giveaway, though, is a little different. This one is a month-long, and it’s all about Shifter Guide! Many of you followed along with me as I showed my Shifter Guide videos where you could ask questions about shifter and I would answer. I’m upping the ante just a tad.

I will be running this giveaway from April 1st to 31st. Here are the prizes:

GRAND PRIZE – $25 Amazon Gift Card, The Claimed Series Bundle in eBook format (Theirs to Claim, The Fire of His Claim, and Accepting Their Claim), and a copy of Taken by Lust.

2ND Place – One books within the Claimed Series Bundle, and Taken by Lust

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