You Call That Legitimate Writing?

The Eclectic Zaftig Chick

This is a phrase that some romance/erotic writers have to deal with, because, what we create isn’t really writing. It’s smut, right? Just low-brow pussy and dick tricks in the disguise of literature. Porno on paper. What possible thought process could come from that? A lot, actually.

Fact is, romance is the #1 selling genre out there. Here are some numbers from RWA:

Romance fiction: $1.438 billion in estimated revenue for 2012

  • Religion/inspirational: $717.9 million
  • Mystery: $728.2 million
  • Science fiction/fantasy: $590.2 million
  • Classic literary fiction: $470.5 million

Photo taken by me in Stavanger, Norway. Photo taken by me in Stavanger, Norway.

Oh BURN other genres! Jealous much? Oh and don’t go whining about the year quoted. The disparity between the numbers is too great for that Hail Mary to have helped your sales.

To put down another genre because you don’t ‘get it’ is just immature and short-sighted. Every genre takes work and research and is a…

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