#Gifts for #ValentinesDay Ideas to Help #13 – Countdown to #SYTYCW2013 novel Immortal Need

This here is a double whammy because I just couldn’t decide which one was better!

Gift #13 a – Floral Lace Body Suit


Gift #13 b – Daring Games Deep V Teddy


I am a HUGE fan of Frederick’s of Hollywood, and they always come through for Valentine’s Day. They are amazing for any time of the year, but Valentine’s Day, ladies, is your chance to bring out you inner Venus. Be that alpha bitch that you’ve wanted to be and bring that alpha to heel!

Tease him with visual, and combine some of the other gifts we’ve gone over. And include the gift we will talk about tomorrow. Think of it this way. Start with a nice dinner from Lust-Have Recipes so you to get your motor going, then give you spouse the gift of a sweet kiss in silver, a beer club membership, then say you’d like to cater to him for the night.

Next you might want to make  a show of yourself…How you ask? Well, dance you your baby.


Give him a burlesque show. The art of burlesque is full or beautiful women that are doing more than stripping but putting on a show. tantalize your man site. Maybe you want to let him play with his Orgasm in a Box egg, but be sure to have him put on the vibrating ring to make sure he can’t finish. Then give him a massage with you massage oil to give him some touch to play with.

Now you baby is ready. The both of you are stimulated, but you want the mind in play too. Pop open your copy of Immortal Need and read an excerpt for his pleasure, a hot scene to get his engine going, and tell him you want him to act out the words, to make sure he’s paying attention.

Enjoy your night…I know I will enjoy mine. You can get the last part of your gift tomorrow, so don’t worry. Immortal Need will be there to help you put all the pieces together!

Need the suits. Get the floral one here and the Deep V here.


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