Dirty Love Story #Giveaway!!!


Hi ladies…we have the easiest giveaway in the world. I borrowed this concept from Nia Forrester.

Go join the below groups to enter…use the comment section to tell your dirty love story. Did you ever get a tat of your ex’s name, have you ever flattened tires, gotten your brothers to beat up a stalker…tell us about here. For participation, you get a free ebook. All the books written by me (LeTeisha Newton) have no limitations other than one book per person and one story per person. All books given away by Lillian MacKenzie and Olivia Linden are first come first serve (so once they are gone…that’s it).

We will vote as a group on Saturday who has the best story and that person will win an autographed copy of Immortal Need, which releases on Valentine’s Day.

The other authors are doing the same in their groups and offering autographed copies of their books so if you want to join their groups here are the links…




Time for a little fun ladies…I can’t wait to hear the stories

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