#Gifts for #ValentinesDay Ideas to Help #6 – Countdown to #SYTYCW2013 novel Immortal Need

Here were are on the verge of Valentine’s Day. I thought, with the upcoming release of my novel Immortal Need on the great day of love, why not help my readers, and anyone else who wants to take a gander, out with their Valentine’s Gifts?

So here is the Guide to Valentine’s Day, and I hope you enjoy it!

Gift #6 – Reasons I love You Personalized Stones


I though that this gift idea was one that was different, inventive, and very emotional. This sure to push some good buttons. While it talks about love, and is very clearly a Valentine’s Day gift, it also shows staying power. The stone is secure, weighted, and will not vanish. This is a statement of long lasting love, one that will have your partner looking at them again and again with a smile on their faces. This is also a gift that would be appreciated by whoever received them

Let me state, however, that this may not be the best gift for someone you haven’t said the “L” word to yet, unless you are fairly certain they would accept it well. New relationships I say may want to steer a little clear of such a weighty gift.

Want one? Find them here.


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