Poison Apology ~ #CoverReveal from @LillyMacRhine


Poison Apology is the companion piece to the novel Winter’s
Island. In this novel, we meet Ivy Naidoo, an international model

from Johannesburg, SA. She is in a world where she only lives for others,whether it her abusive parents or her greedy manager. With a last stitch effort to fight through her daily pain, she takes a modeling job in the beautiful Saint Thomas, VI. On her first day in the tropics, she meets a commanding man named Jeremiah Gatling that has an allure that she has never experienced before. She is so drawn in that it forever changes her life and existence as she knows it.

Jeremiah Gatling is a powerful man who is living his days
out on the breathtaking island of Saint Thomas when he meets the woman that will always be bonded with him from first sight – Ivy Naidoo. He brings her into his world offering her love and loyalty. He frees her from her treacherous life only to implant her into his own personal Hell. He feels remorseful for making her live through his suffering but little does he know, some Hells are better than others.

Poison Apology by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

Vampire Romance

Coming Valentine’s Day



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