The Look ~ The Favorite Fashion of Tobias Walters from #AcceptingTheirClaim



I’m all about comfort. Really. I know Hideki loves to wear the upper-class look, but I’m a country boy. I love my faded jeans, from wear not a machine, thick jackets, and cowboy boots. What can I say? Sonja seems to like it too. So does Hideki for that matter. He tells me it’s easy to come off…uh hmm…Anyway. It does make it easy for shifting too. When we shift we lose our clothing. They just disappear. Hideki doesn’t mind spending thousands of dollars ever time he loses his “favorite” shirt, I do. It doesn’t matter if I’m rich or not, which I am. That’s just a waste of good money. I’d rather not. So i go for good quality, and good feel. Wranglers, Levis, and Abercrombie works for me!


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