#Baseball ~ The Favorite Past-time of Tobias Walters from #AcceptingTheirClaim

Baseball`So I know that LeTeisha is going to be totally pissed off at me (she’s a Yankees fan…the nerve) but I’m a White Sox Fan. Go Chicago all the way. I played baseball in high school and never stopped loving the game. I won’t get into the number or statistics, though I know them. LeTeisha said it would confuse people who aren’t into baseball. I think she just doesn’t want me to talk about the Sox too much. Can’t blame her. Her team just isn’t as good.


What? It’s true

I will slit your throat

Temper. Temper. Sure you’re not an alpha’s mate somewhere.

You wish! Wait…I wish.

ANYWAY. They are the best and–

Okay, Tobias is done. Hope to see you guys tomorrow!


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