#Sytycw2013 Pre-Day 5: About to Take Things Higher

So, everyone, this is the last big day before the terrifying movement into posting the first chapter. I am so excited. I’ve learned so much in the competition already. The amazing editors at #Harlequin don’t just give advice on what we’re doing for this competition, but also how to deal with editors in general. Sure, the information was pushed towards Harlequin, but it could be used elsewhere. I absolutely love the writers I’ve met, the feedback I’ve been getting, and the camaraderie that is alive. You would think, in a competition like this, the writers wouldn’t want to help each other out, but that is not the case at all!

I’ve had other writers read my first page and give me their viewpoints. I even had one very talented author read my entire first chapter and give me some very good ideas for editing and working through some issues. (I am looking forward to her Counselor Undone book!) Today is for the last minute details, contest rules, and the Synopsis Challenge. I did enter so I’m waiting to see if mine was selected. If it was I’ll be sure to post it here for everyone to see. As it is, I am looking forward to my future with Harlequin, because it won’t stop here.

I have been thinking about my competition piece and, if I do not get a contract with Nocturne, I will be submitting it to Harlequin Digital! I’m happy about coming to that decision as well. (Always have something up my sleeve!)

Anyway, I wanted to share my initial journey with you all. I will be posting the results of the Synopsis Challenge later today and then I’ll be back to talk about my book Dragon’s Ward release today!

As always, Happy reading and writing!



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