Indie Author vs Traditionally Published – Who Really Cares?

Now this is a quick question to the ongoing debate, but I have to ask. What about if you’ve been published by a Press (be it small or not) and have self-published? Then what category do you fall in?

I’ll use myself as an example (an forgive me the mistakes of early works)

My first two novels Baile and Stolen Warrior were published by PublsihAmerica, which, with all due respect, amounts to self-publishing. I didn’t know. I had to learn, but that was my first foray into the publishing world, and I was so excited about getting my words out there!

Okay, so I learned, took control, and the next couple novels, Assassin’s Call, Aphrodite’s Chosen, A Wolf Like Mine, Melt Me, Caged Heart, and Shifter Heat were self-published through CreateSpace by Amazon, and I took on a much better return. (Include some Kindle direct Publishing and I did even better) I felt like I’d learned the ropes better, had honed my craft, and took the steps then to go up in the world. It was my way of building to where I wanted to be.

Next I was accepted by a traditional publisher, Amira Press. My next novels, Theirs to Claim, The Fire of His Claim, Murder by Ritual, Howl at the Moon, Instinct, Dragon’s Ward (coming September 20th 2013), and two up-coming pieces (A Date to Remember and Taken by Lust) have all be with them.

Now that I’ve laid my path out there, what would you consider me? Am I an Indie author, or a traditionally published one? Do I have the right to call myself published, no matter what route I took to get there? Did I not take my time, did my research, and got better with time, like in any career? I dare say yes.

My answer? I am and AUTHOR. It really doesn’t matter what comes first. I love to write, could not breathe without doing it, and I could really care less for the monikers that come before it. I am who I am, and I love being that way.

2 thoughts on “Indie Author vs Traditionally Published – Who Really Cares?

  1. My first foray into the publishing arena was through Smashwords and I’ve never received an advance so I consider myself an indie author, even though I’ve been published through a small press. What I find disheartening is that traditionally published authors and readers often think that all indies don’t go through the same process. As a writer, I’ve had my worked critiqued, beta read and professionally edited all at my own expense so why should it matter if I wait for a traditional publisher or just do it myself?

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