Book Review – Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

Her Mad Hatter


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A’A to Marie Hall! Now. I was pissed off when Alice DIDN’T choose Hatter in the movie. I’m just saying, that’s a life with Johnny Depp, who played an amazing, lovable Hatter, or go back home to go into…trade? Um, duh no thought on that one. Bring on Hatter! Since I didn’t get my ending (still I LOVED the movie) I could not pass this book up. Not by a long shot. I absolutely loved this novel.

To some that feel the novel is shorter, well it is a novella, and I believed, while things could have been explored like Hatter’s name, his past, and things, it was not necessary. Though those questions were in my head, I was happy they weren’t answered. This is Wonderland people, a place of imagination, of questions, of fantasy. Things just are there, and there is no changing. Also, that’s the entire point of Wonderland, and the right Alice, don’t you think? The right Alice had to not only love Hatter but Wonderland, with all of its quarks and non-answers. (That’s why Alice Hu was the right one and we aren’t.)

She needed him just as much as he needed her. Go Danika on getting #1 Bad Boy matched. And Marie, I was already reading the next one that quick I had to remind myself to write the review. That’s the makings of a great series to me. Oi! Rock on, Auntie!


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