Why Self-Promotion Can Hurt You

I know, I know, I’m an author right? Self-promotion is par for the course. I know that too. And maybe some of what I’m saying just may make some of you cringe, but the fact of the matter remains the same: Self-Promotion can hurt you, sometimes. Let me explain…

It’s all good to post about your books, artwork, upcoming events, etc. That’s marketing. But when you begin to flood the web with “Look at Me!!!” and “My book is BETTER than everyones!” (yes I meant to misspell that) you begin to become, well, annoying. Marketing and just tooting your own horn or two very different things.

Example of Marketing:

Dragon’s Ward comes out September 20th, from Amira Press, thanks to all my readers who’ve been waiting on this! Hope you guys enjoy!

Example of Annoying:

The best book you’ll EVER read: Dragon’s Ward Available September 20th from Amira Press (x30 over the next HOUR on you FB page, Twitter, AND blog, that happen to be connected so they’ll each re-post it again, to each other. Which, in turn, will mean you post it like 100 times!)

Also, when you self-promote so much that you don’t even take the time to interact with other writers, readers, bloggers, and the like, then you are just an Autotune writer. (Basically you are the same thing as a bot and that’s just Spam.)

Moral of the story? Market yourself, and that means talking to people, networking, become likable, and read some other words other than your own. It’ll help you i the long run.

*Steps off soapbox and resumes reading The Darkest Angel (for the fifth time!) by Gena Showalter*


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