Book Review – The Darkest Angel by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Angel

image courtesy of : Gena Showalter Fan site

So I just finished reading The Darkest Angel, for like the fifth time, and I realized that I absolutely love this story. This is the story of Lysander and Bianka, big sister to Gwen the Timid from The Darkest Whisper. I think I love this story so much, despite it being shorter, because it has a really hot angel in it, with eve hotter sex, but also goes deeper into loving someone just the way they are. Lysander is a powerful angel, one of the Elites, who kill demons and destroy those who have committed an unpardonable sin. Despite this, as readers will know that Bianka is NOT angel material at all, he loves her. He goes through his struggle, denies her, and then finds his way back to her side.  It’s a shorter read, as it introduces the angels and is more 6.5 in the series rather than #7, but it’s a love story you don’t want to miss. It also features Sabin and Gwen’s wedding, gives major clues into who Aeron’s woman will be, and allows you to see Paris oil-wrestle with a sexy angel.


Long story short: This book has EVERYTHING you need!

5 Star rating here.

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