A book to get the steam rising!!! Memoirs of a Succubus by Levon McKenzie Rhine

God this book is fire. That’s all I can say baby! Here’s the synopsis:

Sex – the carnal desire shared between two or more being resulting in the most powerful of energy surges exhibited by man, animal and beast. Even promiscuity can be seen as normal in today’s world of “hooking up”. Natalya Hart has certainly experienced all the joys that an enormous sexual appetite can provide. Picking up men and making them submit to her has become a sport – an art. However, an unfortunate combination of events take place that cause her to evaluate her present, her past and finally her future. Is she really a young woman having fun living, in the hedonistic now, or, is there something else burning in her soul, itching to come out?


Memoirs of a Succubus

Click the picture to purchase!


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