Excerpt from Howl at the Moon – Warning: Not for Children!! And yes this is the first page!

LeTeisha Newton



Tatiana felt like her body was on fire. For three years, she had watched Clyde from afar. She had memorized his 6-foot-2 frame, short, sandy hair, and piercing blue eyes. Fantasized about his touch and the pleasure it would bring. Always she had run from him, hid away where he couldn’t notice her. It was hard work, granted, as she was his executive assistant, but she’d learned to hide behind a professional mask and strict office etiquette. Now that he was touching her, even that had disappeared. He knelt before her, tie, shirt, and coat tossed away moments before, his hands bunched in her skirt, hiking it to her waist. His tongue flicked over her clit and she shook above him, fingers burrowing into the strands of his hair.

“Yes, Clyde,” she moaned, pushing her pussy harder against his mouth. He ate at her flesh like a man starved…

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