Working on a new novel!!

So I’ve finally finished the Claimed group with Theirs to Claim and The Fire of His Claim. I am still currently working on my other series, the Fairy Drag mother line, as well as a new story that falls into the like of the Thriller romance. Yes, these aren’t done very much anymore, but they happen. I have a sociopath on the loose and the partners on his case have been thrown together. Emotions, and passions, are high. I hope everyone will love stepping into the Urban Fantasy spin of my real city placed novel Murder by Ritual. As of now I am already at 15700 of my 75000 goal.


Let’s hope I get there!! Just recently engaged I really hope I continue to have the time!!


Lots of Love, and, as always, Happy Reading 🙂


4 thoughts on “Working on a new novel!!

  1. Hello,

    Will your upcoming release be available at other e-book retailers? I’ve noticed the ‘Claim’ series is not available at B&N, although other titles by you are available.

    Hoping the ‘Claim series’ will be available at other retailers so I can purchase!

    Thanking you in advance,

      1. LaTeisha,

        Thanks for the information. I want to purchase the Claim series in e-book format for my Nook and at the moment it is only available on Amazon. Although I can read on my computer as I have the kindle app; it is cumbersome switching back and forth from reader to computer.

        Please let me know when series is available at other e-book retailers.


      2. Stacy,

        Just so you know if you get the books on Amira the books are available in different e-book formats. I wouldn’t want you to have to wait

        Happy reading,

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